The best technological solutions for coworking spaces

The modern economy requires great flexibility in terms of workspaces and solutions that promote the mobility of professionals and their companies.

In this sense coworking solutions emerge as one of the biggest business trends in 2022.
Coworking is a working model based on sharing office space and resources, bringing together people who do not necessarily work for the same company or in the same area of activity.

of professionals stated that coworking is an important source of business;
of people are happier since they started going to coworkings;
of those who frequent these spaces, feel more motivated working in coworking;

In coworking spaces, ideas can come to life with the help of multimedia kiosks, digital billboards, touch screens and other technological equipment and solutions, which promise to make the workspace more modern and technological.

The aim is to value and improve interpersonal relations and teamwork productivity with the implementation of high technology.

Coworking all over the world

O Coworking has spread irreversibly around the world in recent years.
From Alaska to Kenya in Africa, you can find many collaborative workspaces.
Source: Global Coworking Map

Portugal has several places where you can work in a coworking regime, and thus meet professionals and/or potential customers and increase the circle of contacts.
According to data from 2021, Lisbon tops the list with the largest number of coworking spaces in Portugal.
In less urbanized environments, coworking spaces in Guarda, Seia and Oliveira do Hospital stand out.

Advantages of Coworking solutions

Working in coworking is no longer an option only for the youngest and most revolutionary minds, it has become a solid option, and more comprehensive. With each passing day, we see more and more the adoption of this regime, in small and medium-sized companies, being the coworking scenario more and more common in Portugal and in the world. This type of strategy and work organization comes to boost networking, thus benefiting all those companies that adopt them.

Learn about the main advantages and benefits of coworking spaces:

  • Increased productivity, due to the environment involved.
  • The majority of coworking spaces also offer a reception service, which conveys greater credibility and professionalism to the businesses and companies located in this space.
  • Increased networking as there will certainly be several opportunities to meet different people during lunch hours, dinners, coffee breaks and other networking initiatives.
Technology for coworking spaces

Technological solutions for Coworking

A modern office deserves a modern presentation!

In this sense, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops solutions for coworking spaces in order to promote to all visitors the best possible experience.

Interactive Tables
Interactive tables stand out for their bold lines and the majesty of the space where it is installed. This is an excellent model used as an information point for meetings in coworking spaces.

With AVILA, you can share your profile, experience and even hobbies in an internal network.
This way it will be easier to get to know your teammates and everything they can do! Share your interests, ideas, solutions and even your difficulties.

Digital Signage
QMAGINE SIGN is a multimedia software that allows you to manage Digital Signage and Corporate TV, locally or remotely, through various emission platforms such as displays, multimedia kiosks, digital billboards, among others.
This solution allows your office to communicate with your members, partners or customers, through a network of digital displays.

Meeting Rooms
With this touchscreen system you can optimize the management of meeting rooms and synchronize digital calendars with technological supports such as your smartphone, tablet, displays, etc…
This easy-to-use application allows companies to book meeting rooms in just a few minutes.
The system will avoid that a room is booked twice at the same time, optimizing the management of meeting rooms.

ClusterWall is an interactive platform from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS that allows the office to aggregate the most diverse contents.
With simple click, scroll and zoom actions, collaborators and clients will have immediate access to all the information that is published, from articles, PDFs, videos, photographs, documents or others.
The possibility of creating categories and themes, as well as an advanced search engine, make all content easily searchable and accessible.
Technology for coworking spaces

Avila Space with coworking solutions from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

Avila Spaces is a reference for companies and remote workers who want to work in the heart of the capital, Lisbon.

With the support of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS in the development of solutions for coworking spaces, Avila Spaces offers great flexibility in terms of work spaces and solutions that favour the mobility of professionals and companies.
Among several implemented solutions, we highlight the Avila Kiosk, Room Management System and Qmagine SIGN.

Avila Kiosk
The Avila kiosk at Avila Spaces has a 22-inch touch screen and an interface with the photos of all the coworking members. From this platform, it is possible to consult the profile and contact with all the members enrolled in Avila Spaces.
This kiosk also gives access to the Marketplace and a schedule of networking events, workshops and lectures available in this space.

Room management system
This room management system from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS solves some existing faults in the productivity and organization of work meetings. It is also possible, through this system, to book or cancel Avila Spaces meetings directly on the digital screens which may be installed in several places of a given company or location.
This system, besides being customisable, can be installed on a wide range of screens of different sizes and accessories.
Avila Spaces modernizes space with meeting room solution

Qmagine SIGN – Digital Signage
Three displays with integrated QMAGINE SIGN software were installed, with the main goal of transmitting information and different contents of Avila Spaces QMAGINE SIGN is a way to communicate and, at the same time, create creative and innovative experiences.

With a digital signage solution, the associated benefits are:

  • Centralized content management;
  • Dynamic and interactive dissemination of digital content;
  • Easy adaptation to the audience context;
  • Collection of statistical data;
  • Simple and quick to update in real time;The return on investment when opting for a solution like this can be fast, long-lasting, increases the quality of services and facilitates processes.

At PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS we always work in order to offer the best solutions to our clients. Therefore, we invest in solutions that aim to facilitate and improve the experience of all entrepreneurs in the coworking context.