How self-service kiosks have improved the customer experience in cinemas

Nowadays, anyone can easily watch a film in the comfort of their own home. Despite this easy and convenient solution, the experience of a cinema is irreplicable and unique.

Most customers value the experience of going to the cinema, preferring to watch a film on the big screens to the detriment of their homes.
The whole cinema experience is another factor that continues to attract people of all ages to the nearest cinemas.

According to 2020 data for the cinema sector, in the midst of an environment with several restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic:

274,284 cinema sessions were held       832 films were screened      

Self-service kiosks for cinemas

Nowadays, most consumers value autonomous experiences that aim to streamline and simplify processes, without having to wait in endless queues to make a purchase in various sectors and establishments.

In order to streamline and automate the experience of the whole audience in cinemas, self-service solutions emerge as a technology that helps all customers, bringing numerous advantages.

These self-service kiosks for the cinema sector can be used to buy and collect tickets and also give customers extra time to peruse the menu and discover new products they would like to try.
This self-service solution also allows your customers to view the available seating plan and choose their own seat so that comfort is always present.
Self-Service Kiosks for cinema

Explore Self-service kiosks step by step

For a more pleasant and effective experience, many customers prefer solutions that aim for autonomy and process simplification.
With self-service kiosks for cinemas, all processes are automated:

  1. Choose the film you want. You can see the trailler, gender, rating, comments about the film, the times and even the prices, all in a simple, intuitive and attractive interface.
  2. Select the number of tickets and where you want to sit to watch your chosen film. Choosing the right seat has never been so simple and without margin for error.
  3. Choose your desired menu, in an organised and intuitive layout, which makes the kiosks an excellent tool for cross-selling (selling an additional product or service to a customer).
  4. Among the various payment methods available, the client can choose the most convenient: cash, card, MB Way, gift vouchers, etc…
    Self-Service Kiosks for cinema

More autonomy, more benefits

With self-service kiosks allied to the seventh art, all customers are subject to greater autonomy, which ends up, voluntarily or involuntarily, providing various benefits:

  • Complete, fast and autonomous service, which reduces long queues and provides a more positive experience;
  • The customer prefers new consumer experiences and interactivity;
  • Dynamic and more persuasive communication to the customer’s attention and reduces printing costs, which are associated with staff costs for the constant updating of the posters displayed;
  • Automation of internal logistics organization, increasing service productivity and efficiency;
  • Management and maintenance of contents in a centralized, automatic and real time manner, with statistical information collection.

Alternative and/or complementary solutions to Self-Service Kiosks

Besides the self-service kiosks, there are many other solutions that can complement or even substitute this same solution.

A ticket dispenser can often be an associated solution, since it allows the centralized management of services, increases the productivity of employees and increases customer satisfaction.

This is a solution that combines a ticket dispenser kiosk with a digital billboard, a digital display or even a video wall.
Cinemas – Self-Service Kiosks for cinemas

Digital signage offers dynamic and interactive solutions that adapt to the context of each cinema. It can be used to support commercial communication or for the information/entertainment of visitors.
This excellent means of communication captures the attention of customers and can transmit up-to-date information about posters, timetables, upcoming premieres and trailers.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS also promotes the control and management of access to cinemas with high security kiosks.
Equipped with high security technology, the multimedia kiosks can be integrated with motion sensors, surveillance and alarm cameras connected to the central. Coloured LED lights indicate whether access is permitted or prohibited.

The kiosk can also be equipped with self-service kiosk (QSS) functions, for the selection and payment of tickets at the moment of entry.

At PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, we always privilege solutions that aim the best for our clients in the most diverse sectors. The seventh art is no exception!

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