The importance of artificial intelligence in self-checkout systems

There has been a clear investment by the various sectors of activity in self-checkout systems and kiosks. In order to improve the customer experience, there is a simultaneous investment in artificial intelligence (AI), which provides more autonomy to consumers.

As the various industries and customer expectations are shaped by the resources of today’s online world, establishment owners also try to offer a shopping experience that meets the digital needs and expectations of the consumer.

Examples are the self-checkout systems with AI technology, which aim to increase revenues as well as streamline all purchasing processes. This innovative technology allows customers to scan products, pay and receive the receipt, quickly and without queues.

Self-service kiosk in Cyprus
Self-service kiosk in Cyprus

These self-checkout systems, supported by artificial intelligence, allow us to recognize objects as easily as our eyes. That is, they identify products almost instantly and from any angle.

This innovative technology provides more convenient and personalized consumption experiences, in addition to allowing more automation and less physical contact. In many cases there is even no need to digitize each product individually, which allows people to go their own way quickly.

With personalized content and services a click away on all social media, entertainment and e-commerce platforms, consumers expect the same level of customization to happen in the offline world and more specifically in physical stores.

The autonomy provided by self-checkout systems with artificial intelligence guides consumers through the buying journey and helps them to save time.

In addition to this computational vision, AI technologies allow this experience to occur flawlessly, since they control everything the customer puts in the basket – more specifically through cameras and sensors. Image recognition software is also available so that businesses can quickly identify recurring customers and their consumption behavior. Consequently, you may be recommended products or you may be provided with guidance on some product in stock.

Self-service checkout kiosks for the Burger King
Self-service checkout kiosks for the Burger King

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS multimedia kiosks and digital billboards, for example, can integrate the Real Catcher system, an application based on innovative image analysis techniques and facial recognition biometrics. Real Catcher system is a software that detects one or more human faces, using a standard webcam, IP camera or special video analysis systems such as Kinect, PrimeSense and others.

By recognizing and registering products, self-checkout systems with artificial intelligence can guarantee that no product passes through the box without being paid for – thus reducing the risk of theft.

Self-checkout kiosks with AI from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ self-checkout kiosks aim to improve the customers’ experience, making the process fast, autonomous, interactive and, above all, effective.

The kiosks can be developed according to the needs of the project and can integrate different components, such as card reader, webcam, printer, coin, note reader, anti-vandalism keyboard, etc.

At the vanguard of technological innovation, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has developed a series of transactional multimedia kiosks that allow, among other features, self-checkout with AI. CASHARMOUR, for example, automates all cash management processes, committing itself to improve business efficiency, staff productivity and customer service. SELFCASHY, in turn, provides a complete service for bill/invoice payment integrated with the ERP and financial software solutions of the establishments. FLYCOIN can also be used to do check-out in hotels, for example.

Self-checkout allows customers to avoid long queues
Self-checkout allows customers to avoid long queues

The benefits

In view of the growing popularity of self-checkout systems with artificial intelligence, here are some advantages that can and should be highlighted:

1 – Improving the customer experience

Customer satisfaction is essential in all sectors of activity. Therefore, it is important that self-checkout systems with AI are increasingly implemented in order to ensure that consumers find the right products, avoiding frustrations and long queues.

2 – Flexibility

One of the great assets of self-checkout systems with artificial intelligence is the fact that they can be integrated in different technologies and can be customized.

3 – Saving time and money

In addition to increasing revenue, self-checkout systems with artificial intelligence allow employees to devote themselves to more important tasks, which ends up being more productive.

CASHARMOUR, for example, automates all cash management processes
CASHARMOUR, for example, automates all cash management processes

4 – Advantages for any sector of activity

Self-checkout systems with AI can be used in any business, which brings commodity to any establishment.

5 – Elimination of long queues

Self-checkout allows customers to speed up the purchase process and avoid long queues, which translates into satisfaction. Therefore, and because of this, the client will have more reasons to return to the establishment to buy more.

6 – Attending more customers

Besides feeling more involved in the purchase process, 39% of users said that the use of these kiosks ends up making the service faster – which translates into a greater number of customers.

7 – Fewer losses

About 30 to 50% of a store’s losses are related to thefts. However, with self-checkout systems with AI, there are not so many risks of theft or fraud.

8 – Simplified payments

Payments at kiosks reduce the need for portable personal goods (cash, wallet, etc.) when shopping.

9 – Detailed analysis

The owners of the establishments can easily obtain information about all the transactions that are occurring.

10 – Self-checkout kiosks occupy less space and modernize the establishment

Since five or six self-checkout kiosks can replace a traditional box system, it is possible to recover some physical space through this equipment.

In short, it can be said that self-checkout systems with artificial intelligence are an asset when it comes to automating workflows, while also offering highly efficient services.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has several self-checkout systems with artificial intelligence and develops equipment customized to the needs of each client and each project.