PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ technological solutions ensure visual privacy and screen protection

Given the growing demand for self-service kiosks and payment kiosks in particular, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS displays excel in advanced optical technology that provides both visual privacy and screen protection.

Consumer privacy is increasingly important these days. As we frequently use banking, shopping and communications at kiosks, we need to ensure that our personal information and data is as secure as possible.

Striking a balance between accessibility and confidentiality of information, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS offers convenience while protecting user information and preventing physical damage and reflections on displays.

These displays with privacy filters are an asset for both indoor and outdoor use. In outdoor spaces, this technology is especially useful when the data that is represented in the display needs confidentiality.

Display with and without screen protection
Display with and without screen protection

These specially enhanced systems are ideal for healthcare facilities, banking, telecommunications, retail, government services, as well as for a range of self-service kiosks, and especially for payment kiosks, given the movements and transactions that can be performed there.

The technology integrated by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS into the displays (embedded) for visual privacy and screen protection blocks out ambient light by narrowing the viewing angle. This way, only people standing in front of the display can see the data that is being shown. Consequently, those at a lateral angle will only be able to see a black screen.

In fact, the innovative technology of the company from Vila Nova de Famalicão PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS also ensures the minimization of reflections and reduces the brightness of the display, in order to avoid visual exhaustion.

Security, privacy and convenience

The PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS privacy filters were designed to protect confidential data from indiscreet eyes, being the same fundamental for data security.

Credits: 3M | Zone of privacy protection
Credits: 3M | Zone of privacy protection

Besides, it is possible to protect the displays from reflections and scratches caused by use, transmitting a polished and modern image. All this without interfering with the proper functioning of the equipment.

A system against visual hacking

Given the fact that cyber attacks can happen anywhere, even at a glance, displays with visual privacy and screen protection are increasingly a necessity.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ technology darkens the displays at certain viewing angles, making it impossible for anyone to steal users’ data. The privacy filters are, thus, considered a system against visual hacking.

A privacy screen saver is, in a few words, an affordable way to ensure extra security for browsing, especially in public places.

The advantages

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ technology that ensures visual privacy and screen protection, in addition to ensuring privacy, of course, brings other advantages, such as the following:

  • Safety;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Reduction of glare and, consequently, visual exhaustion;
  • Reduction of UV damage;
  • Resistance to fingerprints;
  • Anti-bacterial technology (optional);
  • Resistance to scratches and other external threats (optional).

Transactional or payment kiosks

With the fast evolution of technology, payment solutions are being developed through interactive kiosks. Transactional or payment kiosks currently allow anyone to make payments autonomously.

The kiosks from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS can be equipped with payment systems through note and coin readers or payment by ATM card, NFC, etc.

Payment kiosks are devices that require technology that provides visual privacy and screen protection
Payment kiosks are devices that require technology that provides visual privacy and screen protection

These transactional kiosks help to significantly reduce long queues at busy locations, which in turn helps to make it easier to maintain social distance, protecting customers and employees.

Therefore, because of their high usage and the fact that they are associated with personal processes and transactions, payment kiosks are the devices most in need of technology that provides visual privacy and screen protection.

It also reduces the need for cash handling and counting, making the entire cash management process more efficient, while providing organizations with an effective way to empty and replenish their cash management terminals.

Always at the vanguard of technological innovation, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has developed a series of transactional multimedia kiosks. CASHARMOUR, for example, automates all cash management processes, committing to improve business efficiency, staff productivity and customer service. SELFCASHY, on the other hand, provides a complete service for bill/invoice payment integrated with the establishments’ ERP and financial software solutions. Also, FLYCOIN can be used to turn physical money into digital money.

Self-service solutions play an increasingly important role in various business sectors, so it is expected that solutions from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS can help increase convenience for customers.

Visual privacy is essential for a complete data security plan. Therefore, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS ensures that this technology is applied in its equipments efficiently, especially in payment kiosks, in order to protect users and provide comfort and convenience.