Telecommunication & Media

The multimedia kiosks have become the perfect partner of the solutions provided by telecommunications and media companies.

The telecommunications and media sector have taken a major role in the societies dynamic. Also the multimedia kiosks introduced new challenges in these areas and exciting projects.

This sector is characterized by having a wide variety of application, using different methodologies and technologies as well.

These sectors are now equipped with the best technologies that allow to provide information or real-time communications that need innovative platforms to work. The multimedia kiosks and digital advertising mupis thereby assume the main role, as the best and most efficient platform at companies service in these sectors.

That is why we can find a wide amount of uses that these sectors have given to multimedia kiosks, either at simply information transmission to the new and innovative form of dynamic advertising that today is increasingly and become available to everyone

Multimedia kiosks and digital advertising mupis can have several applications in these sectors, such as:

• Advertising of multimedia products

• Comparison between different products (Interactive)

• Charge pre-paid cards

• Portals Access

• Applications, demos, ringtones, downloads, etc

• Cards Sale

• Advertisement campaigns

• Free Communications via Internet (multimedia kiosk)

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