Self-checkout solutions are the preference of all customers at the time of purchase

Self-checkout kiosks are increasingly used by various business sectors, and in addition to gaining more and more customers, they bring benefits and advantages to store owners.

Self-checkout kiosks help businesses and retailers in many ways, whether it’s to make more profit or to modernize their space and assign more important tasks to their employees.
At the same time, customers need not bore themselves in queues and are able to save time.

From the first Self-checkout to the present day

One of the first Self-checkout machines appeared in 1986 and was part of a long history of transferring work from salaried employees to unpaid customers, a practice that goes back to the Piggly Wiggly, the first Self-checkout supermarket in the early 1900s.

Replacing traditional employees with counters that picked products for customers, Piggly Wiggly allowed shoppers to wander and explore the aisles, pick items off the shelves, and pay at the register on the way out.
Since customers had more work, the Piggly Wiggly promised lower prices to all customers.

WOW, World of Wine with PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS interactive self-service kiosks
WOW, World of Wine with PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS interactive self-service kiosks

With an increasing trend towards self-checkout equipment, in the early 2000s this trend became more pronounced in supermarkets, which were looking to reduce costs and face strong competition from large stores and department stores.

Self-checkout is here to stay!

These days, we can assume that Self-checkout is here to stay!

In addition to supermarkets and retail, where it is now easier to pay for products more quickly and autonomously, Self-checkout equipment covers a range of services spread over several business sectors:

  • Telecommunications – Customers can easily pay their bills and top up their balance;
  • Energy – Energy supply companies can offer their customers a 24/7 payment service;
  • Banking – Banking institutions can provide their customers with self-service kiosks as an alternative for payments and transfers;
  • Public Entities – Taxes, fees and other bills can now be made easier for citizens;
  • Camera integration to capture selfies in order to remember important moments in the future;
  • Services & Healthcare – Let patients or customers make payments on the spot.Nowadays, and with the pandemic situation experienced in recent times, many customers have preferred to opt for more autonomous services to avoid close interactions with people, leaving aside more traditional habits.

All this context has brought new habits and new preferences to the customers, who look to the market for answers to their needs.
The absence of services such as Self-checkout can, in many cases, be a negative aspect from the customer’s point of view.

Self-checkout is faster than traditional ways such as cashiers, since customers are autonomously doing the work that would be done by a cashier, and don’t have to wait in long lines.
This whole experience makes the customer feel that they are moving faster, not wasting time in line.

Self-service kiosk for supermarkets - SELFCASHY
Self-service kiosk for supermarkets – SELFCASHY

Why use Self-checkout equipment?

To serve today’s public, it is important to consider the changing profile of customers.
The consumer’s buying experience is a very important variable, since people are looking for practicity, speed, and connectivity in serving the public.

In this sense, the purchase is not only about this, but also about the experience that it transmits to the final consumer.

Self-checkout represents a new reality for the consumer whether by curiosity, privacy, autonomy or even by the sense of confidence that the establishment provides to the customer.
Thus, the advantages associated with this service are several and customers are not indifferent:

  • Competitive advantage;
  • Decreased waiting time;
  • Improved customer shopping experience;
  • Self-checkout kiosks take up less space and modernize the establishment;
  • Improved customer shopping experience;
  • Various payment methods.


PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has a unique experience in the field of interactive technologies, designed the SELCASHY thinking about an autonomous, fast and efficient service.

The multimedia kiosk SELFCASHY is an equipment with an interactive display developed for indoor use and to function as a Self-service and Self-checkout kiosk.
It can be customized according to the needs of each client.
Since the painting, size of the display and the type of material used, customization and creativity has no limits. 

Social Services of the University of Coimbra optimize the attendance process of its food units
Social Services of the University of Coimbra optimize the attendance process of its food units

Among several components, SELFCASHY can include: barcode scanner, card reader, pin pad, NFC reader, coin and notepad, printer, webcam, handset, anti-vandal keypad and other peripherals.

With over 22 years of experience in digital solutions, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS knows what it takes to provide secure, high-performance systems.

Moreover, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS mission is to help its clients grow, and for that reason, we give our full attention to every intervention we make. It is with this attitude and commitment that we earn the trust of our partners.