Wayfinding: interactive systems that solve orientation problems

How many times have you had trouble locating yourself in a certain location? How many times have you had difficulty finding what you were looking for in a certain space? These problems are more common than you might think and can be caused by the lack of interactive visual directory software, hence the importance of wayfinding systems.

Wayfinding systems include a set of tracks made up of visual, auditive, tactile elements, among others, which allow people to find their way within large surfaces. The main objective is to stimulate successful exploration.

Wayfinding is, then, a multidisciplinary approach that aims to solve orientation problems. This system is particularly important in urban environments such as cities, health centers, schools and transportation facilities. As architectural environments become more complex, there is a growing need to help people with visual cues, maps, directions and symbols. In these environments characterized by high levels of stress, effective guidance systems – such as wayfinding – contribute to a sense of well-being, safety and security.

Advertising and Interactive Wayfinding for Nosso Shopping in Vila Real
Advertising and Interactive Wayfinding for Nosso Shopping in Vila Real

Wayfinding systems have become a big business in the world of digital signage. This is because the popularity of wayfinding software has increased with the growing use of technology.

Interactive wayfinding technologies allow the user to interact with the screen, seeing in real time the best way to go from one place to another. Besides, the user can search for information to find what he needs, while filtering the communication that does not interest him.

The software related to wayfinding and tour guides, such as QMAGINE Wayfinder, offer users and tourists an extremely useful tool in the search of places of interest.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS interactive digital billboards are the ideal equipment for a wayfinding system solution. The use of large displays allows the contents to be presented in great detail, allowing the search of a place or the navigation on the map very intuitive and precise.

What are the advantages of wayfinding systems?

Helping people find their way is an obvious benefit of digital guidance maps, but wayfinding systems do more than help visitors find their way. Here are some benefits that can be highlighted:

1 – Reducing people’s frustration and improving their satisfaction

Users are more satisfied and less frustrated when they arrive somewhere and can easily find what they are looking for without wasting time and energy.

PLASMV Digital Billboards for Beja
PLASMV Digital Billboards for Beja

2 – Brand reinforcement

The displays that show the brand logo when the user is interacting with the map help reinforce the digital presence of the brand/company.

3 – Exhibition of the investment in technology

The investment in interactive technology demonstrates an ability to adapt to new times and changing consumer preferences.

4 – Human resources can focus on more important tasks

With digital orientation maps, an organization does not need to overload human resources. Wayfinding systems provide the personalized information that users need.

5 – Possibility to share emergency messages

Wayfinding systems are centralized communication tools that allow emergency message sharing.

6 – Quick information update

The information made available through digital signage is easy to update. Content management systems simplify changing existing content with just a few clicks.

7 – Elimination of inconsistencies

As information can be updated easily and economically on a display, any changes can be made to ensure that the content is relevant, current and consistent.

ZYTEC Digital Billboard for Campsite in Jesolo, Italy
ZYTEC Digital Billboard for Campsite in Jesolo, Italy

8 – Providing additional information

Extra information such as news, weather forecast and hours can also be shared.

9 – Creation of promotion opportunities

Wayfinding systems are also an opportunity to display promotions for products, services and future events.

10 – Sustainability

Besides being economical, the wayfinding systems are ecological, as there is no need to waste paper.

11 – Self-service

As wayfinding systems are essentially self-service, there is a greater focus on the tasks that are really important, which makes it possible to give personalized attention to the user.

12 – Atractivity

A good design is essential when implementing any equipment. Therefore, adding some color and movement ends up drawing people’s attention to the screens.

Campo Pequeno Shopping Center Invests in the STRONG Interactive Table
Campo Pequeno Shopping Center Invests in the STRONG Interactive Table

13 – Flexibility

There are several ways to present information, which allows people to somehow select the information they want to see.

14 – Inclusion

Everyone should have the same access to the information displayed. Therefore, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has kiosks equipped with modular components, for the full inclusion of people with physical limitations; incorporated kiosks with Braille indications, ensuring accessibility to people with visual limitations; and also kiosks with sign language integration, facilitating access to multimedia content for people with hearing limitations.

15 – Simplicity

Wayfinding systems provide instant assistance for those who need help finding their way. Therefore, it is important that the information is simple and direct.

Who are the wayfinding systems for?

There is a whole variety of sectors of activity that ultimately benefit from wayfinding systems. Thus, this interactive technology serves:

  • Airports;
  • Hotels;
  • Hospitals, health centers, clinics;
  • Shopping centers;
  • Residential complexes;
  • Schools and universities;
  • Stadiums;
  • Smart cities;
  • Parks;
  • Convention centers;
  • Among others.
Forum Barreiro: Digital signage to communicate in the timing of the purchase
Forum Barreiro: Digital signage to communicate in the timing of the purchase

Although the basic functions of these systems work equally for each sector, the equipment can be optimized to work better according to the needs of each location.

Why should you implement wayfinding systems?

Wayfinding systems are not just convenient commodities. They are also an essential part of a more sustainable city, a smart city. The ability to walk is increasingly a priority, given car pollution. Therefore, the use of effective wayfinding signage is central to the city’s ability to respond to pedestrians’ needs.

In this way, and with the wayfinding systems, people reach their destination faster and more confidently; they are less likely to get lost; and walkings are encouraged.

If you want to improve people’s experience, whether indoors or outdoors, you should think about updating the guidance tools to an interactive digital platform.

Digital Billboard for Casa das Artes in Vila Nova De Famalicão
Digital Billboard for Casa das Artes in Vila Nova De Famalicão

In short, guidance systems are valuable both for cities and for citizens and businesses.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS presents itself as an innovative technological company capable of responding to all market needs, developing products and solutions customized to each client, company, partner or distributor – in this case, wayfinding systems.