Markets and Internationalization

Due to globalization challenges, companies must be prepared to compete in all markets. This scenario create challenges to any company, because, besides being prepared to conquer the market where they are established, they should be able to face new markets.”

Nearly 6 years ago Partteam Group began its expansion around the world. It was natural that a company that develop web services, make use of this platform for self-promotion, starting to receive contacts from companies around the world in short time. Angola, Spain, Italy, Greece, Norway, Holland, France, Romania, are just some of the countries that have become strong markets in the multimedia kiosks,for Partteam Group.

Through a partner careful selection, some of them exclusive to a specific country, Partteam Group expand their business by increasing their production, but always preserving the same top quality products. Today, the word globalization is part of the company and with this experience “we could understand that the world is smaller than at first sight we might think”.

Challenge’s are common for us

In 2010, international market already represents an important part of Partteam Group production of multimedia kiosks. It was a won bet! We operate in 21 countries around the world, and already have Oficial Exclusive Distributors of our kiosks. The OEMKIOSKS brand is now internationally recognized not only by the quality of kiosks that the Partteam group added to OemKiosks brand but also to the speed we have achieved in our production / deliver time.

We know that this is an important issue (the distance with international customers) but with the partnership with our local distributors this “problem” have been well exceeded. Our customers knows that they have always a partner that is near and have all the skills to support and help him regarding our multimedia kiosks. Of course price is very important and we are proud to be one of the most competitive companies in world.

If you believe that your company has the necessary commercial skills to become our partner in a specific international region or country, or even be our exclusive distributor, please apply to our Partner Program