GS1 Portugal streamlines communication with its clients through PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS solutions

GS1 Portugal is a global organization that leads the development of standards (common way to measure, describe or classify products/services), and good operational practices, acting to facilitate value chains worldwide.

In order to present and demonstrate products, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS developed the Coral interactive table and a touch display for the showroom of the GS1 Portugal Innovation and Competitiveness Center, located in the capital, Lisbon.

Coral Interactive Table

The interactive table Coral was developed and adapted with touchscreen in order to meet the needs of GS1 and all its customers.

The Coral model stands out for its bold lines and magnificence in the Innovation and Competitiveness Center, offering an immersive experience dedicated to health.

Among several features that differentiate this interactive table from many other equipments, are to be highlighted:

  • Interactive technology;
  • Multi-touch;
  • Perfect finishes;
  • Personalization;
  • Combination of modernity and style.

Interactive display

The GS1 Portugal Innovation and Competitiveness Center also has an interactive Display, custom-made to provide total freedom to display health-related content.

  • Versatility in communication;
  • High impact and attractiveness;
  • Promotion and highlighting of contents;
  • Increased brand awareness.

The concern in providing attractive, dynamic and interactive experiences to visitors is more and more a reality, and PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS helps in this challenge through the best solutions for each sector.

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