Interactive billboard for the Municipality Fornos de Algodres

The Municipality of Fornos de Algodres is synonymous of tradition, heritage, culture and good old customs. However, the small village belonging to the Serra da Estrela, does not interpret tradition as a form of stagnation and the technological innovation is very visible. An example of this was the recent installation of an interactive digital billboard in the center of the village.

This project, entirely designed and produced by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, includes the installation of digital billboard NOMYU and its respective digital signage software, the YPORTAL.

A solution that provided tourists and locals, access to all the information and tools that prove relevant about the municipality.

Digital billboard and YPORTAL software, provide a free Wi-Fi internet hotspot with a portal to access news, events, routes, tourist maps, contacts, public transports, traditional commerce, hotels, restaurants, social networks and a lot more.

Interactive billboard for the Municipality Fornos de Algodres

The range of possibilities is endless and can be managed remotely while simultaneously controlling various devices from any location.

The YPORTAL software also allows the collection of statistical information on the fields of greatest interest to users, enabling the municipality to easily adapt its content. In a more general perspective, this statistical information allows the municipality to manage and adapt all its public services and transport, to the real needs of its inhabitants and tourists, which otherwise could not be analyzed.

The Municipality of Fornos de Algodres is now smarter, striding towards urban management that is much more efficient and friendly to its visitors.


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