Multimedia kiosks to request a taxi

The multimedia kiosks are an excellent solution to request a taxi without major inconvenience to the customer.

A prestigious international partner turned to PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS multimedia kiosks to provide a taxi call solution for the Addison Lee group. A taxi company has reinvented its business, maximizing revenues and meeting the current needs of its customers.

For this project the IMPACTV kiosk was selected, an extremely functional model, with all the necessary characteristics to the exceptional performance of its functions. It has 2 displays, one for communication and the other with interactive interface, it also has a card reader, contactless reader, pin pad, receipt printer and others.

There are many situations where a potential customer needs a taxi but is prevented from doing so.

Multimedia kiosks to request a taxi

These situations are very frequent and for several reasons. In most cases, the client does not have contacts, has no battery in his smartphone, has no access to the internet or does not have the knowledge to do so, is in a situation of greater urgency where all alternatives are time-consuming or, on the other hand, a tourist in which all the hypotheses prove to be quite complex. Any of us have ever seen each other in this situation.

The strategic installation of terminals in public places of great affluence, allows any user or tourist, the request of a taxi on the spot, in a simple, quick and without any additional cost. In this way you can request the taxi without complications and without the need to know how to mention the place in which it is, facilitating the task for both the client and the professional himself.

This system of multimedia kiosks, for scheduling and taxi calls to the place, allows the customer to make immediate payment, with all available modes (money, card or others), which might otherwise not be available in the car.

Multimedia kiosks to request a taxi

This guarantees, on the other hand, the full guarantee, for both parties, that the payment will be made and at the correct value. One of the biggest problems facing the individual passenger transport sector is the fear of possible mocking on the part of the transporter, which is often a decisive factor for a potential customer who ends up using alternative routes.

The transport sector is changing because of the technological advances the world has witnessed. Taxi services are being modernized with the aid of innovative applications and solutions that facilitate the interaction between the passenger and the taxi driver.

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Multimedia kiosks to request a taxi

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