Self Check-in Kiosks for Eva Senses Hotel

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS developed and produced self check-in kiosks for the Eva Senses Hotel, located in Faro, a project led and implemented by a national partner.

In the sector of Tourism & Hotel – and taking into account technological developments and the behavior of current consumers – multimedia kiosks are increasingly common in hotels. These equipments are especially useful during peak hours, working as an alternative for customers with less hourly availability, allowing them to check-in in an autonomous, simple and effective way.

Thus, to register at PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS self check-in kiosks, you only have to fill in the details of the stay and add your information and contacts, confirming them later. Payment is then made using the methods of your choice (such as coin acceptors, card readers, ATM, credit, loyalty, among others), just having to wait for the receipt and the room key.

Self Check-In Kiosks for Eva Senses Hotel Credits: Eva Senses Hotel

This system, therefore, allows an automated and fast reception, guiding guests through a secure and easy-to-use check-in – from payment to filling in registration data and issuing room keys.

But the advantages of these self check-in kiosks are several:

  • Eliminate waiting in long check-in lines;
  • Allow guests to choose between checking in at the kiosk or at the reception;
  • Personalize the customer experience;
  • Reduce the occurrence of human errors;
  • Allow employees to focus on more important tasks;
  • They transmit an image of modernity.

In fact, the main challenge of this project was to design and produce self check-in kiosks that fit and integrate with the furniture that was being produced by the customer. In this sense, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS customizable solutions have managed to make this equipment more creative, dynamic and intelligent, facilitating the approach with citizens/tourists.

Self Check-In Kiosks for Eva Senses Hotel Credits: Eva Senses Hotel

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS kiosks offer numerous additional options with the aim of improving services and processes in the hotel sector. These kiosks were developed to allow the integration of any type of touch screen, allowing the customer to choose and view – quickly and easily – the hotel's occupancy map.

Checking-in in the hotel without the need for human intervention has never been easier!

Checkout the construction process
Self Check-In Kiosks for Eva Senses Hotel Credits: Eva Senses Hotel

Know the entire construction process

  1. 1. The sketch

    Sketches are a very important part of the design and development process of any kiosk. This is because they help to convey ideas, demonstrate functionality and illustrate what you want to create. This turns out to be a fundamental process, because it saves time in the workflow process and helps to evaluate the viability of the product.

    Self Check-In Kiosks for Eva Senses Hotel
  2. 2. The rendering

    After the sketch, there follows the rendering of the kiosk, a 3D image that is made by product designers. When rendering, the plan perspective, the shadows and the kiosk light are calculated, using all the components adjacent to the kiosk and their check-in features.

    Self Check-In Kiosks for Eva Senses Hotel
  3. 3. The production

    After the rendering, the kiosk starts to be produced and, in this case, in wood. The challenge here was to conceive a kiosk that would fit and integrate the furniture being produced by the client.

    Self Check-In Kiosks for Eva Senses Hotel
  4. 4. The result

    At the end of the production process, the self check-in kiosk is installed and it is ready to be used by the guests of the hotel, who will have a fast and automated reception through a safe and easy to use check-in.

    Self Check-In Kiosks for Eva Senses Hotel
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