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PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS was referenced in the Hotel Tech Report through the YkioskHotel Software developed for the hotel sector.

The YkioskHotel Software allows the booking search in PMS through API, the change of the number of guests and, if the PMS allows, can perform the calculation of tourist rates based on the change of the number of guests.

It may also be possible to communicate the booking payment to the PMS and update the guests' file with the data collected through our kiosks, or our online pre check-in platform.

Targeted for self-service kiosks in hotels, YKioskHotel Software facilitates all the processes at the time of check-in:

  • The guest enters the booking number and personal details;
  • The YkioskHotel Software displays a summary page of the booking made which can be further edited;
  • Then, the guest scans his identification documents;
  • The payment must be made through the booking or at the hotel itself;
  • For the invoice request, the guest can communicate his data via email, to the email that will appear in the display;
  • Finally, the access codes to the guest's room are sent by email to the guest.

In the software backoffice, you can consult reservations, guest data and can also be corrected / submitted to the SEF in case of failure, or even for manual submission by an employee of the hotel unit in question.

Besides all these advantages and features, the YKioskHotel Software is also integrated with the SEF API (Foreigners and Borders Service), for mandatory communication of guest data.

Self-service kiosks are especially useful at busy times, acting as an alternative to queues at reception, allowing you to check-in autonomously and efficiently.

These kiosks can be integrated with touchscreen displays that offer greater efficiency in navigation.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, feels honoured to have been one of the referenced companies in the Hotel Tech Report due to the development of the YKioskHotel Software.

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