Citizens security through kiosks and drones

Technological innovation increases safety in cities.

Smart Cities is a concept for creating an innovative urban ecosystem. This system is characterized by the use of technologies for resource management towards urban infrastructure, aiming to improve citizen's quality of life through human and social development with the help of technology.

In order to improve city security, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has developed a solution incorporating drones and multimedia kiosks.

This solution acts as a surveillance system where, through multimedia kiosks and drones, the surveillance of a region is carried out simply and remotely.

Activate the drone remotely

Activate and control the drone remotely, with access to all drone controls operations.

Through this feature you can activate the drone, which is located in a digital billboard, anytime you need, ideal for urban areas and large cities.

City surveillance

Have full access and control over the view of the city or region where this equipment is installed.

With this feature you can resort to previous actions, thus keeping the city safe at all times.

Citizens Security Through Kiosks and Drones - City Surveillance

Smart cities, safe cities!

Remote controlled drone

Control the drone's route through the controls provided by the remote control app.

All of this equipment can be remotely controlled and is not required to be physically present at the location of the installed kiosk.

Autonomous Control

Set the desired route and the equipment will autonomously follow that route.

It avoids the need for continuous control of the drone, being the same autonomous.

Citizens Security Through Kiosks and Drones - Autonomous Control

Preprogrammed surveillance missions

Define a route

Set the trajectory or the location you want to use the drone as a watchpoint.

This feature avoids the need for continuous drone control.

Citizens Security Through Kiosks and Drones - Define a Route

Drone follows defined route

Drone will autonomously follow the set route, providing access to all surveillance points in your location.

You can take control of the drone at any time, changing how you want the drone trajectory.

Return to base function

With this feature you can easily return the drone to its base.

The digital billboard is equipped with a suitable base for drone landing, which is made safely and autonomously.

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