DOOH for Casa do Professor in Braga

The Casa do Professor located in Braga, is the oldest association of social solidarity in Portugal and chose the digital billboard ZYTEC da PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, to inform and stimulate the culture of the city.

The Institution Casa do Professor was created with the purpose of supporting teachers of all levels of education and offers a very diversified set of activities and services.

Installed outside the Casa do Professor building, the 46’’ ZYTEC digital billboard, produced in lacquered steel, is an interactive alternative to traditional forms of information dissemination.

With the advantage of contributing to the reduction of information production and distribution costs, the digital billboard integrates YPortalsoftware. An interactive platform that supports the digital transformation of Smart Cities and relates citizens to cities, services, municipalities, etc.

This application performs innovative features and provides relevant information to users: events, exhibitions, concerts, news, other information.

DOOH for Casa do Professor in Braga

Digital technologies continue to provoke changes in teaching and tourism. Many educational institutions install digital billboards on their premises, creating an internal information network that is made available to different users: students, teachers, parents, etc.

As well, many municipal services install digital kiosks to provide information to tourists and citizens. PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS develops technological solutions customized to the needs of each particular client, resulting in investments.

Some Photos of the project

DOOH for Casa do Professor in Braga
DOOH for Casa do Professor in Braga
DOOH for Casa do Professor in Braga
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