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In the Education Sector the multimedia kiosks are beginning to play a fundamental and indispensable role. The functions that can be implemented in a multimedia kiosk for students, teachers and parents, are already well known and part of everyday life in educational institutions.

In the education sector, multimedia kiosks are already quite a common element and increasingly is used as time passes.

We are talking about sectors with the presence of young people who are already accustomed in dealing with new technologies and interactivity, and for whom a multimedia kiosk becomes a natural complement to their leisure activities.

We are in the presence of the generation of iphones, ipads, and its natural that students, teachers and parents use the great possibilities of a multimedia kiosk have to offer. These are probably those who ate better prepared for this "change."

The roles that a kiosk could fulfill an educational institution are numerous (whether elementary school, secondary or university).

A multimedia kiosk can work as a student card charger with bill and coins acceptor that allows all students to charge their card with cash to be used, for example, in school services (bar, photocopies, etc..) or work as a single point of multimedia information for students and teachers, for example information about exams, schedules, etc.

Many educational institutions place the multimedia kiosks in their facilities as a way to create an internal network of information that is available for access to employees, students, teachers and parents.

The kiosks can also replace the common access and attendance systems, both for employees, students and teachers.

In teachers example, it can be created a specific software that provides immediate information for a student's situation, their attendance or a direct and quick communication between parents, teachers and President of the institution.

Multimedia kiosks may also have useful information about events, training courses, etc.. for example, or work as hot-spot of the educational institution.

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