The importance of using multimedia kiosks in Public Administration

The state is present in many areas of society. These public institutions inform, serve, guide and help citizens. And multimedia kiosks are a powerful support tool. They are, in fact, an increasingly central element in public administration.

Many government departments face the difficult task of serving many people with few resources. This results in long waiting times, inefficient processes and unsatisfactory experiences for citizens. Therefore, technological investment is needed, something that is always present at PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS.

These kiosks are fundamental for a series of purposes in our daily life:

  • Changing the driver's license;
  • Changing the Citizen's Card;
  • Requesting documentation;
  • Requesting from the Public Administration;
  • The possibility of making video calls to clarify doubts or to carry out these purposes in an easier, faster and more effective way.

The importance of using multimedia kiosks in Public Administration

The multimedia kiosks from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS can be used to transmit relevant information to citizens. They are synonymous of innovation and have a series of functionalities that can be used in the most diverse areas and for the most diverse purposes.

The multimedia kiosks

Given the technological evolution, the following multimedia kiosks from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS play an innovative role in serving the public:

  • Self-service kiosks, which aim to improve the user experience and increase the comfort level of customers;
  • Ticketing kiosks, which promote various local events with automatic ticket sales;
  • Queue management kiosks (more specifically ticket dispenser kiosks and the QMAGINE software from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS), which improve the quality of the service provided, the efficiency of the service and the organizational image;
  • Transactional and payment kiosks, which allow citizens to make most payments without the need for municipal employees to intervene, for example;
  • Outdoor kiosks, used to inform citizens and visitors about the city and relevant information;
  • Digital Signage or Corporate TV, important for public administration, namely for displaying information and publicity on an LCD placed in the reception area of the institutions;
  • ClusterWall Software, an interactive platform that allows the creation, management and optimization of customized contents. Besides serving as a visitor registration and access control system, it replaces edicts or informative notices on paper.

The importance of using multimedia kiosks in Public Administration

The decentralization of public services

In order to decentralize public services, such as bill payments, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS self-service kiosks can be installed in strategic locations, in containers or mobile units, giving rise to a new paradigm of self-service attendance.

Controlling the affluence in critical areas, self-service kiosks can be placed in a technological space, which citizens can use to perform the services they need, without having to wait in long lines.

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS' innovative approach of multimedia kiosks delivers significant efficiency gains for public administration and improves the user experience, boosting the adoption of technology services and, in particular, digital public services.

The importance of using multimedia kiosks in Public Administration
The importance of using multimedia kiosks in Public Administration
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